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Dean speaks at his church in Roanoke

I grew up in this house in Roanoke, Virginia, with Grace Church as a constant and watchful presence. I spoke for a few minutes last Sunday at the church where I grew up, Grace Church in Roanoke, Virginia. You can listen to it here. Time and distance have made me greatly appreciate those old time […]

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Where is home? My favorite city after traveling the world

This blog entry was made June 21, 2007, after I lived in the mountains just north of San Francisco for a month, and spent several months before that in England and Europe. The original blog provider got squirrelly, so I am reproducing it here, although the fonts are still a bit weird, but readable. (Blog […]

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Zella’s Warm Blanket

When I wrote a devotional book for Zella Dixon, we also produced a documentary video about her extraordinary story. Both of Zella’s sons died early, but she continues to profess her love for the Lord and her gratitude for His care. I am particularly proud of the soundtrack for this video. I spent a lot […]

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Tab’s Christmas Book

Every Christmas, my daughter and I collaborate on a children’s book about the Three Wise Men. She is the illustrator. I wrote it when she was three years old. Today she is 16, and the book is 18 pages. So she has illustrated 14 pages so far, one a year since we began the project. […]

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