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  1. Hi, Dean,

    Great fun to look around. I spent a summer in Toronto’s Lattner Library a few years ago, studying the Jewish Prayer Book. From which I have a sidelight to your list of Reasons to be Orthodox: some serious Jewish authorities, none of whom I remember, believe that the music of the Second Temple, the one destroyed by the Romans in about 70, is best preserved in the liturgy and chant of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Just thought you’d like to hear it…

    One of the major mentors of my adult life was the late John Dixon, of Washington, D.C. a man who would take off for a month in Mt. Athos every few years. We didn’t talk religion much, though it was serious for both of us. He was just a tremendously decent guy.

    Best for now. It’s getting late. As I say, a pleasure to see your good site.


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