Old Money, New South

My book Old Money, New South: The Spirit of Chattanooga continues to sell well in the region. You can find it in Barnes & Noble at Hamilton Place, Winder Binder on the North Shore, and at All Books downtown.

For several weeks, when the book debuted in 2006, it was Barnes & Nobles’ bestselling book for the week—of all books, national and local. Rock Point Books named Old Money, New South its best seller for the entire year of 2007. I have sold out of two printings and the third is dwindling fast.

It’s great to see this book sell so well. (Several thousand were sold on a local level. That’s a big number. If it had a national appeal it might be a seven figure total). But ultimately this colossal project was a labor of love. Between you and me, I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see it on the shelf.







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