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Here’s a photo

I took a bunch of pictures this weekend down at the waterfront. This one was my fave.    

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My project got published by McGraw-Hill

  McGraw-Hill has published one of my projects! Mike Egan is a client for my ghostwriting services. I interviewed him last year for many, many hours, transcribing his incredible insights and weaving them into an interesting read. This book was actually released today (Tuesday, Sept. 13), and you can buy Your Stronger Financial Future on . McGraw-Hill […]

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A Warm Blanket for Rainy Days

About five years ago, I got a call from my longtime friend Doug Daugherty who asked me to finish a writing project he’d started 25 years earlier. He actually didn’t remember it, but apparently a lady had hired him to work on the idea of helping her write a book. Doug had written a couple […]

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My Big Fat Greek 10 Years

I am celebrating ten years of becoming an Orthodox Christian (as in Eastern Orthodox, as in Greek Orthodox, as in My Big Fat Greek Wedding). I joined the church two days before 9-11. That’s how I remember the date. Back in those days, I would hang out a lot at Greyfriar’s coffee shop. (Okay, I […]

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Grandpa Howard Gets Around

Around 2003 or so I made it a point to travel to Inverness, California, just above San Francisco, where my 93 year old grandfather Howard Waite continued to live an interesting and productive life in an isolated cabin on the top of a mountain with the ocean on one side and Tomales Bay on the […]

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Saying Goodbye to a Great Man

(3rd in a series of 3 tributes to Gordon Wetmore. 1st is here) You hate to let a guy down. And when someone is good to you so often, it seems especially cruel to disrespect him. Gordon in his studio I was dancing on the edge of that possibility with Gordon as I once again hit […]

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It takes a Genius to Herd Cats … I mean Artists

(2nd in a series of 3 tributes to Gordon Wetmore. 1st is here) It’s one thing to ask a friend to do you a favor. It’s another thing to ask him for cold hard cash. But I was headed up the elevator again to Gordon Wetmore’s cool studio to see if he would consider making […]

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A Man’s Contradiction is his Genius

I was headed up the elevator for the umpteenth time, this trip to ask my celebrated artist friend to do me a tacky favor. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. Gordon Wetmore had painted portraits of some of the world’s most famous people. Richard Nixon, Princess Grace, Norman Vincent Peale. A long list. […]

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