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Top 10 Questions and Comments on Harriet’s Secret

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Nov• 11•14

It has been one month since the premiere at the IMAX Theater of Harriet’s Secret: A Progressive Marriage in the 1890s, the full feature documentary I have been working on for two years. Having now taken a deep breath, I will devote a blog entry to discussing the most common questions and comments I heard […]

Harriet’s Secret Premiere a Success!

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Oct• 18•14

What a great night! The event Friday a week ago at the Chattanooga IMAX Theater can only be described as a success in every way. We had a great crowd. Not every seat was taken but it was clearly full. The red carpet ceremony before the show, accompanied by period musicians, was a total hit […]

Our Leading Lady’s Lip

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Jan• 04•14

When a dog in Mexico ripped off the top lip of our leading lady a few months ago, it wasn’t pretty. Jacki Arnold Rexford, my niece, plays the leading lady Harriet in our documentary film. I asked her on a whim to try dressing up and see if the camera work we would do around […]

What’s the End Game?

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Jan• 03•14

Give to kickstarter campaign here: or by check here: So how will you distribute your film? What’s the end game? I get that question a lot. Sure, it can be a little unnerving when the bottom line answer is, “I’m not really sure.” But I have confidence good things will happen. As an […]

Sex sells

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Jan• 02•14

Give to kickstarter campaign here: or by check here: I’ve decided to start blogging again as I make this film. The first topic to choose was a no-brainer. My documentary deals a good bit with the topic of sex, and sex sells. It even sells blog posts. “My great grandparents advocated for communism […]

“Harriet’s Secret” documentary gaining momentum

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Aug• 02•13

Visit the Harriet’s Secret Website Read a review from

The Mentor of Lewis and Tolkien

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Jul• 10•13

Article with pictures here. I have nearly finished in two days “A History in English Words” by Owen Barfield. Barfield was an Inkling, a good friend of Tolkien, a better friend of C. S. Lewis, and a scholar who heavily influenced both of these legendary writers. As best as I understand it, Barfield explained to […]

Romney, Mormons, and the end of “Christian America”

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Oct• 26•12

The recent “Mormon bashings” on my Facebook page—or what one person called “drive-by postings”—probably deserve a more lengthy commentary. I have written long pieces in the past (books, blogs, etc), but currently the platform of social media seems to have me providing more Krystal bite-sized nuggets. Yet once in a while, more content is appropriate. A […]

Mr. Jones was–no is–an icon

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Aug• 14•12

You all know him. He’s the guy who is there “whenever the church doors are open.” Jim Jones won’t be attending Grace Church in Roanoke this Sunday, but only because his funeral is today. He was 90. Okay, he may have missed some services lately due to declining health. I don’t know because I don’t […]

Are the Yellow Deli folks a cult?

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - May• 03•12

by Dean Arnold  5/22/08 Chattanooga has an electric shuttle that allows you to navigate downtown at no charge and with no yukky emissions. I have an office at one end of the route where I eat breakfast every morning at the Bluegrass Grill around the corner. Joan Marie, the vivacious waitress, chats with everyone while […]