The insights and inventory of Dean W. Arnold

It takes a Bubba to replace a Tiger

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Apr• 21•12

A Phil cannot replace a Tiger. Neither can a Luke or a Lee. An imaginative name needs to be matched by something just as interesting. Like a Bubba. Despite Tiger Woods’ collapse the past three years, no golfer has come close to replacing him in the public imagination as golf’s top icon. Because no one […]

The Miracle of Writing requires Guts and Hard Work

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Dec• 06•11

For I have a reoccurring nightmare: I am about to go on stage (I did some acting in high school and college), but I’ve only memorized about 10 percent of my lines. I suppose this subconscious fear is related to our culture’s pressure for perfection and performance. I felt something eerily similar when […]

Dean speaks at his church in Roanoke

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Oct• 09•11

I grew up in this house in Roanoke, Virginia, with Grace Church as a constant and watchful presence. I spoke for a few minutes last Sunday at the church where I grew up, Grace Church in Roanoke, Virginia. You can listen to it here. Time and distance have made me greatly appreciate those old time […]

Where is home? My favorite city after traveling the world

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Oct• 06•11

This blog entry was made June 21, 2007, after I lived in the mountains just north of San Francisco for a month, and spent several months before that in England and Europe. The original blog provider got squirrelly, so I am reproducing it here, although the fonts are still a bit weird, but readable. (Blog […]

Zella’s Warm Blanket

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Oct• 05•11

When I wrote a devotional book for Zella Dixon, we also produced a documentary video about her extraordinary story. Both of Zella’s sons died early, but she continues to profess her love for the Lord and her gratitude for His care. I am particularly proud of the soundtrack for this video. I spent a lot […]

Tab’s Christmas Book

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Oct• 03•11

Every Christmas, my daughter and I collaborate on a children’s book about the Three Wise Men. She is the illustrator. I wrote it when she was three years old. Today she is 16, and the book is 18 pages. So she has illustrated 14 pages so far, one a year since we began the project. […]

Reagan was something else

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Sep• 23•11

I came across this book yesterday on my library shelf. Ronald Reagan wrote and published it in 1983. It remains the only book ever published by a sitting President. Crazy. I mean, it was on sale in the grocery stores. I think we sometimes forget the courage and principles Reagan brought to the table. This […]

Ghostwriting by Dean

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Sep• 18•11

I have made my living off and on the past seven years as a ghostwriter. Usually, a client has a great book idea in mind, has a lot of content they can talk about, but don’t have the kind of personality to sit down and write it all out. (One of my favorite quotes is: […]

Update on Old Money, New South

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Sep• 16•11

My book Old Money, New South: The Spirit of Chattanooga continues to sell well in the region. You can find it in Barnes & Noble at Hamilton Place, Winder Binder on the North Shore, and at All Books downtown. For several weeks, when the book debuted in 2006, it was Barnes & Nobles’ bestselling book […]

Gordon’s promo video

Written By: Dean W. Arnold - Sep• 15•11

This video I made for Gordon Wetmore, my recently deceased good friend, who wanted something to help introduce new prospects to his career in portraiture. As an added bonus, we used footage of him painting portraits of my two children. For more on Gordon, see here.